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Oh, my poor craft room needs this so bad. I'm desperately trying to get more organized in here, but lack of funds for buying new storage isn't proving helpful! :)

Trina Nelson

I was just looking at these on the Clipitup website and thinking of ALL the different ways to use it. My first idea was to clip all the cards I make to it for a fun display. Then I thought of making it a 'scrapbook album' Then I thought, Oh, what a great way to display all the photos I get at Christmas from friends and family. I will look forward to other's comments for their ideas too. Thanks.

Elaine Allen

Hi Adrienne -

What a great give away! Hmm what would I use it for? Well, I'm in the middle of organizing my studio and I have tons of little embellishments and found objects that would love a home on the Clipitup! Thanks for the chance to win.

Elaine Allen

P.S. and thanks for the info on the adhesive vinyl backing on the 100 plus stamps that were for sale on MSE last week.


Oh, my GOONDESS! I can't believe you are giving that away! I will go Twitter away about this one so that we get enough entries! I would LOVE to win this! Thank you for your awesomeness!

Rebecca Harper

This is sooo awesome!! I would love to have a clip it up, mostly because I have about 3 inches in my bedroom to scrapbook and all my embellishments are in a bin under my bed. It is aweful and I hate to try to go thru it to find stuff. This would be amazing, I could finally see my product!! Thanks for the chance.


Wow, what a giveaway!! I have SO many embellishments like flowers and packs of bling, etc. that I would love to hang up!

I'll send my friend by! ;-)


WOW, what an awesome giveaway!! :) I would use it to hang all my goodies on that are sadly just sitting in a basket right now, lol...

Thanks for the chance to win!!
- April


Wow this is an incredible giveway. I can hardly believe it. I am a VERY organized person and would LOVE to have something like this to be able to put on my desk and have things clipped to that I could see. I beieve if you see your things in front of you that you will use them more. This would be a great help in getting me to USE my STASH!!! Thanks for a chance to win such an AWESOME prize!!!


Wowza--what a huge giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

I would love this--I have all those storage boxes/envelopes, but like they say out of site out of mind. If I had this I could see a bunch of my stuff and maybe be inclined to put it away before it became a nightmare to straighten up. I need an easy way to put stuff away and keep it organized--What is it they say--I'm neat--just not in an organized way :) HAppy Friday!


That Clip It Up would work perfectly in my new scrap space I am planning!!! Thanks for all the ideas on this blog!


I would most definitely use it for all my very disorganized embellishments:-) Or maybe for my acrylic stamps!


Thanks for the chance. I would use this to clip up my most often used stickers...alphas, epoxy word stickers etc. I have yet to find a way to organize my stickers that I'm happy with. It would also be great to clip up packages of acrylic stamps.


I think I would probably use it for acrylic stamps or packs of alphas. Thanks for the giveaway.

Andi M

Wow! I would love to win the clip it up! I would use it for my insane supply of Thickers and some of my embellishments.


Wow!!! What an incredible give away... I have been drooling over this item for quite some time, but being financially chalenged, I keep holding off and dreaming up cheaper suptitutions ie. thin metal rods used for draperies, attached to my wall? I would totally use as intended and clip up all my meager supplies to ensure I use up all that great stuff I bought being sure that I would have a use for it and then it gets lost in the process...

Jeanette munson

OMG I would use it for all of my embellishments and stickers. it would be a finger tips reach.


Oh wow - That is Some giveaway lady! Well I can't build out so I gotta build UP! I have been wanting one of these since they came out at CHA.

First I will paint the black parts white to match the rest of the things I have started to purchase for my dream craft room. Right now it is just a storage room and before that it was DH's computer room for 10 years.

He selfishly gave up the space for me - or maybe it was the fact that he wanted the living room to be a living room again - I prefer to think he is just selfless ;-)

After taking measurements and making a mock-up of the room on grid paper - I realized that I have to be smart about using the UP space, you know, not just the floor space.

I would love to use it for all of my rub-ons/transfers, sorted by color. I need to be able to see things to stimulate my creative juices.

NOTE: oh boy... wouldn't this be a fun recipe center in the kitchen???

Thanks for letting us comment for this!

Sandrine alias Didine

OH MY GOD !!! AMAZING !! I would be soooooo happy to win it because I would finally work correctly and be able to choose the perfect embellishment for my creations ! and not trying to find them in a deep dark and messy box LOL

Anita Young

Thanks for the chance to win - what a great prize!! I can always use help getting organized :)


this is definitly going int o my scrap room this is a must have to hang the treat i cant wait

Patty W

wow, great giveaway, so generous.

I would use it for all of my epoxy stickers, rain dots etc.


I am thinking my ribbon collection... can you imagine how beautiful that would be with floating ribbons on both tiers? A piece of art in addition to utilitarian! ~ginny

Patty O

I would use the upper tier embellishments and the bottom tier for stickers and envelopes that would hold some tools I use often (e.g. tweezers, scissors,ink). This is such a fabulous giveaway. Thanks for the chance!!!!!


Wow wow wow! I'd love one of these! I'd use it to organise my rather large stash of alpha stickers. I always seem to be losing the ones I want to use!


I have always wanted one of these, so I'll throw my name in! I would put all my embellishments in a beautiful rainbow order which would make them easier to use and please the organizer in me, too!

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