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Wow, talk about a great freebie! Lovin these letters since they frist came out!

Lisa aka Myran

I love these monograms! Very usable :D
Happy easter!

Loraine Thorp

Just starting to get into stamping and could sure use this set of Alpha's.HAppy EAster to everyonme


April W

AWESOME stamps!!!

Holly Steiner

Wow! These are great stamps. Wish I had them. But, I just had spinal surgery and I owe a lot even though I have good health insurnace. Here in lower west Michigan we are having wonderful weather, in the low 80's!
Probably will pay for this later in the month. Have a great Easter!


These are so versatile! This set should be called "SET 4 LIFE". Seriously, you would be set for life to make any card, scrapbook or papercrafting project you could *think* of! OIY! What a fabulous thought...pardon me...I do believe that was drool that just fell on my keyboard...

Carol Metully

I would love to have this set. I own a great many of your stamps and love them all. These would fulfill my dream of being able to make any card or title on a layout with any trouble. That would make a very happy woman.


These are so much fun!!! I love that they are so big!


wow, great giveaway, I would have loved to add this to my stash - just couldn't order this week (someone had fun on yahoo personals by joining 19 times with my cc!)

Elaine Allen

Hi Adrienne -

I just wanted to wish you and Aidan a wonderful Easter. And remember, too many chocolate bunnies and peeps make for a sore tummy - LOL!

Elaine Allen

tammy b

sigh, a girl can dream can't she? winning is the ONLY way i could get all these letters! happy easter!


These are so fantastic i hope i get these there so much i can do with them thanks for the chance to win


Loooooooove how you used the stamps. I look forward to every Wednesday to watch your crafty creativity. Easy, quick and easily achievable!


love the easter eggs with flowers. would love the stamps. thanks

Tany Sol

Amazing giveaway Adrienne!
Thank you for all and Happy Ester!!!!!!!


What a great freebie! I love the decorated eggs. So cute!

kathy (felkatz)

too cool!! would love to win this set!!

Janet L.

Great letters for monograms and more! Those eggs were too cute for words! Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Easter!

Aussie Loz

These look great Adrienne, thanks for the chance to win xx

Christine C

Wow fabulous friday freebie prize.
I love the eggs, beautiful colours and the flowers are a lovely touch.
Thanks for the chance to win
Happy Easter.

Andrea D

Have a beautiful Easter with your family. I hope the Easter Bunny leaves some fun treats for you and Aiden tomorrow.

Thanks once again for the chance to win some great stuff.


Love the letters. thinking of ways to use them!

noa .d.

What a huge giveaway. thank you for the chance to win the monograms!!!


Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win.

Jennie Moffatt

It's would be so wonderful if i could have this set. Thanks for the chance to win them!!!

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