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Ooh, I love this one. "Grateful" is such a powerful word, I already have a project in mind!

Pam Barker


I am in the top 2 to comment!! Love the stamp set, I can see some really cute cards. Thank you for sharing.

Crossing my fingers




Beautiful stamp set!.. I was so inspired by the card you made! :)

Karen McAlpine

This looks like a fun set. Thanks. Your stamps are always so nice.


Great stamp set. I love the smaller stamps to help accent the larger stamps.


This set is really pretty.


Oh, this set is fabulous! I really love this one!!!


Great set!

Glennis F

What a lovely set and very versatile too.
Thanks for the chance to win

Nikki C

Beautiful Set, thanks for the chance to win these :)


Thanks for a chance!


This looks like a fun set. I love the smaller stamps to help accent the larger stamps and to use inside a card.
Blessings Bernie


i loved the card this week!

Tany Sol

Awesome stamp set! Thanks Adrienne!!!!
And thanks for your blog, fantastic cards and great video...

Tanya Thompson

Love this stamp set! Also love your videos...You always have great ideas to inspire and stimulate our creativity!

marla H.

adorable stamp set. Love the flowers and sentiments!!


Such a beautiful card you've done with this stamp set! It would be wonderful to be this week's winner..thanks for the chance!


Love the stamps!

Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Love your stamps, and love the videos you do. They are so helpful! Thanks!


I love how you have been mixing the design adhesives with the stamps recently! Your cards are beautiful!


yippee! I emailed you last week with my info - this is such a cute set!

Natasha S.

MSE always comes out with the cutest stamp sets. This one would match perfect with some paper and stamp binders I have. But of course would be awesome for cardmaking. Aloha

Loraine thorp

What a great set here.Sure would love to be the lucky one

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